Sexy Fridays – Who wants to have there mind blown(small pun intended)

Sexy girl

Sexy girl (Photo credit: doom_sellers)

It’s no secret that Evil Dead made a huge impact with its premiere back in the 1980’s.  It quickly became a cult classic, and its star Bruce Campbell gained massive stardom among the B movie crowd.  And now with us on the cusp of the hopefully epic reboot of the franchise it’s only natural that parodies are cumming into play(Do you get it yet?).

While surfing around the interwebs, while looking into the new Evil Dead, I came across an interesting article.  The body of which had my mind screaming to itself “OH GAWD WHY!?!?!”  It was an article about the Evil Dead XXX parody the Evil Head.  With Horror genres topping the charts in popularity I’m sure this can be considered a natural progression.  After all they have done same things with Star Wars, Star Trek, and various superheros.  I have only seen the trailer for the film(No it doesn’t show any of the naughty bits, they wouldn’t want to reveal there best stuff) so all I can say is that the acting is bad, the camera angles and lighting are horrible, but the make-up looks great.  But those aren’t the reasons this will be watched now is it.  No, I am not going to embed the video, but I’ll give you a link. The rest is up to you.

While we are on this matter I want to bring up something else that has kind of become a matter of debate.  Is porn a good medium for video games?  Should we or shouldn’t we be able to play games the main point is to enjoy explicit material?  Sure there are plenty of games out their that deal with mature themes which can involve sexual images.  But that’s not the point I am trying to get across here.  There are many pros and cons to consider so lets go over a few:

Pros: Some would ask “why not?” Sex is deeply embedded into our species, porn itself goes all the way back to the days of the pharos.  This could just be the “Growing-up” of the industry.  Also this can be a sort of liberation.  I’ve noticed how in games women highly sexualized, but aren’t allowed to really act sexy(outside of a little wiggle in there walk).  So why not dive deep(giggity) and let it become the focus of the game.

I myself get tired of us, as a culture, setting a standard for Sexiness, and when someone tries to achieve it they are treated as an outcast.  Shunned as someone who is immoral, and doesn’t set standards for themselves. With this coming to mainstream media maybe our society will finally try to loosen up.  So with this in mind, I say bring it.  It’s time we have something like this.

Cons:  Porn objectifies humans as sexual objects and can be especially demeaning towards women.  It can promote coercion of, and violence towards women. And has spawned an industry that racks in billions each year for doing so.

I may have made lite of the subject in the beginning but that is not how I truly feel.  If this is going to be part of one of the largest media mediums out there then we should have strong efforts to limit its availability.  Just so we can make sure that minds not mature enough can’t get there hand on it.  At least do so to the best of our abilities.  I don’t believe in that whole “Monkey see, monkey do” mentality when it comes to games, it that was true then I should be a jedi master right now, but this won’t be normal violence.  Some people will consider it worse, some won’t, other’s will be like me and not really care either way.  While I probably won’t play them myself the only real thought going through my mind is why hasn’t this happened sooner?  It’s obvious there has been a demand somewhere, they wouldn’t have made it if there wasn’t.

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