Thoughts on Pokemon X and Y

I have recently watched the new trailer for Pokemon X and Y, and looked into some of the already released designs of the Gen VI starters.

English: Logo of Pokemon franchise based on DV...

English: Logo of Pokemon franchise based on DVD boxart. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


I have to say that I was disappointed in the design of gen IV and V, but this gen, I have to say, makes me pretty excited.  It almost feels like they are trying to come full circle with the games.  It’s almost like they are going back to the same Ideas they had for gen I. Animal based creatures that can easily be found.  At least that is what I’ve noticed from my readings and search for pictures.  I’m liking the design of the new pokemon, and I’m hoping the game play will be just as good.  Despite the fans calling out for a pokemon game for the Wii U, nintendo is sticking to there guns and putting it on the 3DS.  Ever since I read the specs on the 3DS I really felt it had potential, but it never had a game to really test what it can do.  Will the 3DS finally get the game it deserves?  I hope so, I really REALLY hope so.


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