Nolan taking over JL?

It’s no secret that Christopher Nolan has made a big splash in the DC Universe.  Turning out three blockbuster batman movies, who wouldn’t be impressed.

A Justice League Unlimited promotional image.

A Justice League Unlimited promotional image. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Now it seems that Nolan is starting to calling all the shots.  Rumors are flying around that Christian Bale might be brought in for the role of Batman in the Justice League movie which is now being produced by nolan.  Fans have been crying out for Nolan to mold DC on the big screen, and now it seems they are getting what they want.  I’m a little disappointed by this news, but not completely surprised.  I wouldn’t completely hate it if Bale took back the cape, but I was hoping to see a reboot of batman in a newly established connected DC  cinematic universe.

According to sources superman will swoop in to find Batman in his retirement and tell him that he is forming a team.  Do I know this is real?  Nope, not a all.  This is just a rumor that comes from a sight that has a high track record of getting things right.  It could just be talk happening before the big release of Man of Steel in June to bring in more attention to the movie.  Or it could be true, how are we to know right now.  It wasn’t long ago that Superman Returns was supposed to give us a new franchise and we all forgot about that pretty quickly, so I can’t blame them for trying to bring the sight of the all seeing eye upon them.


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