Newt Wallen Interviewed -The Man, The Legend, The Mutton Chops.

Screen shot 2013-03-08 at 4.48.45 AMUnderbelly show on youtube.  I’ve mentioned it before, and I’m sure I will many more times.  They have given me many ideas for my blog.  There content is well written and produced, and they are receptive to the fans that tune in to watch.  I highly recommend them.  They cover content about Video Games, Movies, Internet, and Comic Books.  Which happens to be some of my favorite things! The main cast of the show is Justin Silverman (he’s been featured on here before), Frank Patterson, Shawn Caple (haven’t been able to interview these two yet but maybe one day), and our featured Interviewee Newt Wallen.

Newt has donned the cowl of the Comic Book expert for Underbelly.  Using his super-knowledge to KO the people’s misconceptions of the characters from the underrated medium of Comic books, but Newt is not just a reader. He has been helping to script comics as well as working on his own ideas.  Like his project called Midnight Show, which he calls a tribute cult and trash theatre.  I have been able to see some of the clips the crew has released, and I have to say I liked them.  As someone who is not easily won over I am really looking forward to seeing the completed work.  Please checkout Underbelly’s Facebook page and Youtube channel, and if you still want more check out my Youtube channel too!  Midnight Show also has a youtube and facebook!  Are you interested in what Newt had to say?  Read the full interview below:

1. How did you get involved with Underbelly?

– Justin and I had known each other since 2001 when we were co workers at a movie theater. We were always coming up with sick funny comic strips and movie ideas. We lost touch for a few years when he got married and I was kinda bouncing around jobs. Then between 2006 to 2008 I was nurturing this zombie clown comedy. Justin got involved and brought in Shawn and the Angry Video Game Nerd. We were gonna try to produce the film ourselves. Well it never came to be so I moved onto another project called MIDNIGHT SHOW. Set at a movie theater (and I ran a theater) so Justin and Shawn came down the shore with Frank and Kevin. We shot a trailer and we all had fun doing it, so when we could not get the film off the ground Justin and Shawn said “We have a contact at ScrewAttack, lets do a nerd show”

2. You have established yourself as the Comic Book expert of Underbelly. Are you a Marvel or a DC?

-DC mostly because the Psychology of what makes BATMAN tick is what got me interested in writing . I just got stuck on the ideas as a kid of how sick is the mind of a person who puts on a mask BUT THEN how sick is a world that needs those types of heroes

3.When did you get into Comic Books?

-Superheroes were part of my DNA and I don’t know how cause my family is so not into any of it. But I fell in love with comics of course from the cartoons and movies I saw before I could ever read and I had all the toys and such and I remember being small and having all these Batman and Spidey comics and wanting to know how to read so bad so I knew what the pictures meant. But its been a life long thing. Those images from Silver age books I was given by family and friends who were tossing them out and those amazing 80’s books are burned into my memory.

4.Who is one of your favorite superhero? 

-Batman is always number 1, But then Daredevil is number 2, and Swamp Thing from the Allen Moore stuff and Zatanna is my fave female hero and drew me into loving stories about magic and into the Sandman stuff and Hellblazer. I like the idea of Superman more then the actual character, and Wolverine when he is written correctly and not used like a lame gimmick….thats why I dislike deadpool. He’s a one note joke. The 80’s Animal Man and Suicide Squad stuff is still some of the Best stories I ever read. I have a soft spot for Barry Allen and Hal Jordan and of course I LOVE Aquaman despite what everyone else says about him. But then again

also have a thing for Namor and Fathom cause I dig aquatic stories.

5. What magical powers granted you your mutton chops?

-Not liking to get hair cuts and kinda being lazy and before I knew it I had chops.

 6. Are there any plans to start putting vids on your own channel?

– I am not much of a tech guy. I count very heavy on the other Underbelly guys to make my ideas come alive. Plus I like bouncing ideas off others and shaping a better idea of my concept. Justin has always been the best at making my ideas better….So nah. I like being part of a team.

7. What is Midnight Show?

– Midnight Show is my love letter to cult and trash cinema I grew up watching on VHS or at late night 35mm screenings. It’s set up in the vain of films like Kentucky Fried Movie or UHF or When Nature Calls. A series of short segments done by all my talented film friends from all over the globe. Producing fake grindhouse and drive in pieces. All wrapped in Brentalfloss and his girlfriend out at a night at the movies. Its gonna be wild!

8.  Are there any other Newt brainchildren, and are there any future plans for them?

– Couple comics in the works. I am co scripting a book about the Jersey Devil with Savage Hawkman writer Mark Poulton. It’s 100 percent not like anything you have seen of me. No comedy. It’s more a kin to H.P. Lovecraft and David Cronenburg. Then I’m rewriting a story called NERDS GIRLS, GUNS, AND GHOULS with Ralph M of Ape and Arcana comics which is sorta a retro gaming B movie gross out comedy sorta thing. Started as an Underbelly comic but as things progressed I took it in a different direction.

Wrote a short story called EMO BOY which is a dark superhero comedy that will hit shelves this year in the comic DREAM REAVERS….And I’m always working on new movie ideas and show content. Just trying to stay creative.

  1. 9.  Do you prefer acting/being in the vids or do you prefer writing them?

-I don’t really care I’m a terrible actor but it’s fun to play and I’m a hack writer but its nice to have a platform to express ones self.


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