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A, Crimsonreview

Recently I read the I, Crimsonstreak by Matt Adams.  I laughed, then I laughed harder.  It was a compelling story with great use of hero satire.  When I first started reading I was worried that it would just be a Flash-esque type book, but I’m glad to say that was not the case.  Outside of the whole running fast thing, and the quirky sense of humor I had no trouble seeing Chris Fairborne the Crimsonstreak as a different character from Barry Allen the Flash.

Adams found ways of working in many different characters and not letting them take the focus of the story.  They never seemed forced into the story, but rather they were alway introduced in ways that didn’t interrupt the flow of the story, and they all added a great new aspect to the story.  Though the whiny teen did start to get a little overbearing, but it  was something I could overlook.

To wrap things up, I found Adams’ writing clear and easy to follow.  His characters were well written and developed.  And lastly,  his story was attention grabbing, compelling, and emotional.  A book worth reading a second or maybe even a third time.

Reviewed for The Peasants Revolt.


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