A-Z blog challenge Schedule

Kid Quantum

Kid Quantum (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

For the A-z Blog Challenge I will be focusing on lesser known heros of the DC Universe.   Here is my list for for the month.  

A- Arion, Lord of Atlantis

B-Black Alice

C-Crimson Avenger


E-Elongated Man

F-Freedom Fighters

G-Global Guardians

H-Hawk and Dove

I-Inferior Five


K-Kid Quantum

L-Lori Lemaris

M-Matter-Eater Lad



P-Pow-Wow Smith


R-Resurrection Man

S-Stargirl and STRIPE

T-Tawky Tawny

U-Uncle Sam



X-X s

Y-Young Heroes in Love



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  1. A. Arion, Lord of Atlantis | Inerded
  2. A. Arion, Lord of Atlantis #PWS #A-Z blog challenge | Inerded
  3. B. Black Alice A-Z Blog Challenge | Inerded
  4. C. Crimson Avenger | Inerded
  5. E. Elongated Man #AtoZ | Inerded
  6. G. Global Guardians #AtoZ | Inerded
  7. L. Loris Lemaris #AtoZ | Inerded
  8. M. Matter-Eater Lad | Inerded
  9. N. Nabu | Inerded
  10. O. Owlwoman | Inerded
  11. Q. Question | Inerded
  12. R. Resurrection Man | Inerded

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