D. Dolphin #AtoZ

The DC Comics character Dolphin, created by Pi...

The DC Comics character Dolphin, created by Pike in Showcase #79 (Dec. 1968). Cover art by Pike. (Photo credit: Wikipedi

Dolphin made her debut in DC’s Showcase #79 in 1968.
When she was young she fell overboard on a cruise ship, and was save by a race of aliens that wanted to become a prototype for a subaquatic humanoid race. During these experiments she grew gills, webbed finger and toes, shining white hair, superhuman strength, resilience to deep water pressures, and they slowed her aging process.  She escaped when the scientists abandoned the experiment.

Dolphin then looked underwater for her livelihood and found her trademark shorts and white top.  During an encounter with deadly shark she was saved by an oceanology vessel, and the dubbed her “Dolphin”.  Her isolation for humans and atlanteans left her mute so at first she was unable to speak with the crew, but a lady doctor got the idea to teach her sign language, so Dolphin was finally able to communicate but she did eventually master spoken word.

In the Zero Hour events she met aquaman and was part of the battle charbdis. After robbing Aquaman of his telepathic power he stuck Aquaman’s hand in a school of piranhas. Then Dolphin carried Aquaman and Aqualad back to Atlantis for medical help, and she earned their trust and love.  She became romantically involved with Aquaman until Mera, Aquaman’s wife, returned from exile from another dimension.  Then, developing a relationship with Aqualad, now calling himself Tempest,  after he returned from other worldly magic study.  Aquaman blessed the relationship.  Dolphin became pregnant by Tempest and the two married.

After giving birth to a son named Cerdian, she made Tempest choose between his duties with the Titans or being a father, Tempest decided on being a father.  Aquaman was exiled for his help in sinking Atlantis, and the family fell under suspicion of the new rulers to be collaborationists and placed them under house arrest.  When Tempest channeled the magic of all Atlantis’ sorcerers to undo a spell that had turned Mera into an air-breather, he was noticed by the Spectre, who unleashed his full power on Atlantis. The resulting cataclysmic destruction obliterated Atlantis entirely. Tempest was missing and presumed dead, but Dolphin, sent away during Atlantis’ destruction, may have survived, along with the young Cerdian.


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  1. #1 by MW on April 4, 2013 - 11:01 pm

    Dolphin was confirmed dead in Blackest Night, wasn’t she?

    • #2 by pwetzig on April 4, 2013 - 11:13 pm

      Yes, killed by Dawn Granger(Dove). I’ll be talking about that in my Hawk and Dove post!

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