V. Vigilante

Vigilante in the episode "Patriot Act&quo...

Vigilante in the episode “Patriot Act” in Justice League Unlimited. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Vigilante, real name Greg Saunders, made his first appearance in Actions Comics #42 in 1941.  Sanders’, spelling was changed to Saunders in the 90’s, grandfather was an indian fighter and he father was a sheriff in Wyoming, so gun slinging is in his blood.

As a young man he moved to New York and became a country singer.  Saunders returned home when his father was killing, and brought the bandits to justice.  Since then he devoted himself to battling crime, so he donned the western-themed identity of the Vigilante.

He is an expert in shooting, lariat, horse riding, motorcycle driving, and hand-to-hand combat. No super powers here!  Vigilante has not been brought back in to continuity, and that make a little upset.  I think that he would work well with a new comic.  They did it with Vibe, so why not try it with a character that has some substance.


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