Teen Titans no go for cyborg.

By now we have all heard about Teen Titans Go on Cartoon Network.  If you haven’t do not feel left out.  I watched it for the first

Cyborg (comics)

Cyborg (comics) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

time yesterday, and I have to say I was not impressed.  I am the most disappointed with the cyborg character.

It has crude and immature humor, the script writing is horrible, and the seem to have taken a safe route with the animation.  There is a severe lack of action in this show, and I feel no growth from the characters.  I don’t want to be the type of person to compare it to the old show, but that is what I loved about the Teen Titans.  Each challenge, task, or villain helped them grow and evolve in to a terrific superhero team.  That is what is truly missing from this show, rather than being a team they would rather just be roommates.  At least they brought back the original voice cast, so I’ll give them extra points for that

.  I get this is supposed to highlight the titans in their downtime, but should we not be able to see this evolution even when they’re not fighting?

Rather than make a show that would require a kids to think about something they decided that the opposite would be best.  It’s just dumb, stupid, and mindless joke after another.  And the worst of it happens with beast boy and cyborg.  It doesn’t bother me as much with beast boy, because he has always used lame jokes to lighten the mood, break awkward silences, or even fill on screen time.  But cyborg, yes I know he too cracks jokes and has a happy demeanor in the old show and comic, has lost the most character out of all of them.

I have been reading the New 52 Justice League, and have really been enjoying it.  Cyborg has become one of my favorite characters. He does make jokes, but, like in the old show, he still seems to have a dislike for what he has become, and it is turned into him learning how to over come mechanical limitation.  This struggle defines his character so much.  He has so much inner turmoil, but he hides it by joking around and being kind to others, and not making jokes for the sake of stupid humor.  That’s the cyborg I like to see.

What think scares me the most is that the Go version of cyborg might get popular enough that they might start bringing in this version to the comic book.  I think all know about the dark times when they made the Batman comic to match the 1966 show.  We should avoid that at all costs.  I give Teen Titans Go a 2 out of 5.

See Cyborg’s struggle below:

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