Ave Maria

Are you a fan of Yoko Kanno? What about Cowboy Bebop?  Cowboy Bebop was my first anime experience.  I will never forget the

From left to right: Ein, Edward, Spike Spiegel...

From left to right: Ein, Edward, Spike Spiegel, Jet Black and Faye Valentine (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

first night I watched it.  I was in middle school, and it was summer break.  I was allowed to stay up late during summer break!  It was one of the few freedoms my parents allowed me.  I was flipping through the channel when suddenly I heard this big band jazz number and liked it so I decided to watch it through.  It was on Cartoon Network’s Adult Swim, so I had to keep the volume turned down low because if my parent caught me watching anything on Adult Swim there would be hell to pay. I’m glad I did, because  I had my mind blown.

The animation was beautiful, and was completely different from anything I had ever seen so I stayed to watch the show.  It was fun, engaging, had a great balance of action and down time, the characters were well written, the voice acting was excellent, and it was just the most amazing thing I had ever seen on TV.  I know that it’s much older now, but I think it can still stack up to any new popular anime out there.  No matter what may happen to it, and no matter what other people will say about it, Cowboy Bepop will always be number one in my book.

This isn’t my full review of the show.  If this gets a good enough response I might do a nostalgia review about it.

Little know face, Cowboy Bebop was part of the reason I graduated with my Bachelor of Music.  Do you remember the episode where Faye went to the opera house, and the really great Ave Maria was playing in the back ground?  I found the sheet music to that, and my voice instructor thought it was one of the best versions he heard so he let me sing it without knowing where I originally heard it.  And here it is for you lovely people to listen to. Remember you can catch more on my youtube channels MrPrettyPaul and Pwetzig, Facebook, and Twitter.  I was sick during this performance, but here it is:


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