Man of Steel – The reboot Superman deserves, but is it the one we need right now?

Superman's origin is revamped in The Man of St...

Superman’s origin is revamped in The Man of Steel No.1 (July 1986), written and drawn by John Byrne. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I watched the Man of Steeland it was amazing!  Is this the movie Superman needs? My answer is yes!  But before you read further it should be known that this review will contain spoilers, so read at your own discretion.  Also, watching things at the drive-in is still the best!

I don’t want to be a total fanboy the entire time, so I want to go ahead and say that this movie fits in great with DC’s new 52.  Cavill would make Superman proud! That’s the last thing I will to say about this and the comic book.  Please remember that these are just  my opinions and thoughts about the movie.

I had no trouble seeing Cavill as Superman!  His performance was spot on, and his american accent is absolutely superb!  He has done this role justice while not looking like a pretty boy teenager. *Cough* Superman Returns *Cough*  Amy Adams gave what was quite possibly the best Lois Lane performance I have seen in live action.  And I was most impressed with Michael Shannon at Zod.  Almost all the casting was perfect, except for Lawrence Fishburne.  Sorry, you’re a great actor but Perry White was not the part for you.  The script was great, the action was good but it could be a bit slow at times, and once you get to about the middle of the movie that pacing is good.


So, what are the things you did like about the movie.  That is a very excellent question, Myself!  From the beginning I hated that Kryptonians all spoke english.  They’re an advanced alien race from a galaxy far far away, and your telling me that they spoke perfect english. I think not.  I would have like to have some of the native language of Krypton!

Next is the flashbacks after the destruction of Krypton when clark was remembering events through his life.  They were all over the place and hard to follow.  The flow was disjunct and they threw a lot of information at you all at once.  That made them confusing, and a little mind numbing.  They did give us some important information for later in the film, but there needed to be a better distinction between flashbacks and present time.

Third, many things in the film were rushed.  Like the relationship between Superman and Lois, Superman turning himself in to the government, the first half of the movie was just rushed to get to a certain point, but once that point arrived it was pretty awesome.

Last, was the lens flares and some camera shots. I’m not watching Star Trek Mr. Abrams. Woops, I mean Mr. Snyder.


There was so much to like about this movie, but I going to try to keep it as brief as possible. First, was the opening sequence.  That was pure cinematic genius.  I was on the edge of my seat the entire time. The action was nail bitting, the CG was terrific just like in the rest of the movie, and Russell Crowe was amazing.  The last opening scene that blew me away like that was in 28 Weeks Later.

Next was Lois’s journey.  I loved the fact that Lois was able to really show off her investigating skills, even though it was a little rushed like many other things in the movie.  She figured out the right stones to turn which lead her straight to the Kent household.  Truly living up to the rumor that Lois is the best investigative reporter out there, and that she has a strong moral sense because she chooses to with hold information.  Even though that doesn’t work out for her.

Next the alien spacecraft that Clark, or Joe as he’s known in the military camp he’s working at, finds and becomes his fortress of solitude.   I was a little worried, because I never heard anyone talk about the fortress in anything before I watched the movie.  This is one of the most important elements of Superman.  It shows us that he needs a space to be alone, a place all his own, and no one can find him their.  The fortress is one of the most humanizing things Superman has.

Forth, the evolution of his powers.  In all the other big screen incarnations of the man in blue you see that his powers are already established.  Here you get a sense of the struggle and uncertainty he had with his powers.  Even when he surrendered to the government he was still not sure of his full potential.

Fifth, Zod.  A man who was literally born to be a military leader.  His entire purpose in life is to protect Krypton, and he does so with flare and finesse!  The old movie version of Zod was just evil and only wanted to enslave the human race, and the new version lulls into a false sense of security by saying he is only here for Cal-El and the tries to obliterate them all.  This character is much better written then his classic counterpart, and he has a much better story line.

Last, trying to establish a connected universe.  It’s most apparent at the the end of the movie.  Superman and this three star general are talking, and when sups flies away the general turns to seen his companion smiling.  He goes on to say “what are you smiling at captain?”  On her name badge you see Farris.  Could this be the daughter or a relative of of Carl Farris? Who owns Farris Air, and employs Hal Jordan A.K.A. Green Lantern?  I really hope so!

Rating: 4 out of 5

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