The Mighty Titan #1 – Review

The Mighty Titan is a crowd funded series, and brainchild of Joe Martino (I did an interview with Joe click here). I was able to

The Mighty Titan Cover

The Mighty Titan Cover

read The Mighty Titan #1 and I think he has created a winner.                                                                                                          

First, let’s talk about the art, which is terrific! The penciller Luca Cicchitti has a great eye for the composition of the panel.  I was sold from the very first page with the great shot of the Chicago skyline, and I couldn’t help but gawk at the detail put into everything.  Nothing was left untouched even the tables had meticulous designs on them, and the newspapers.  Like the one newspaper that asks “where is shadowflame?”  What a great eye for detail.  The art was clear and crisp, and pulled focus where it needed to go.                                                                          

 Next, we’ll take a look at the script.  Everything flowed very well.  Even the narrator’s voice and internal thoughts were well written.  In many comics I have read the narrator, and internal thoughts and monologues tend to be a little slow, but I didn’t feel that way in this book.  There are so many clues that are given in the internal thoughts that if they weren’t there the reader could get lost and confused in the storyline.  The script is written in a way that every word from the narrator, thought, monologue, and line of dialogue is important.                                                    

My final thoughts are this is a “Must Read!”  I can see great potential in The Mighty Titan.  Titan could one-day be up there with the greats such as Superman and Batman.  I couldn’t find one thing about this comic that I didn’t enjoy.

Rating: 5 out of 5                                                     

Martino has another kickstarter for issue #2, and if you would like to contribute and help just click here.

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