Top 5 Tuesday – Lady Superheros!

Wonder Woman Covers

Wonder Woman Covers (Photo credit: jooleeah_stahkey)


I just know that some will read this and think “He just
thinks they look hot and that’s all he cares about.”  My response is that I can’t help how these
characters are drawn.  I pick this list
not by looks, but by preset criteria that did not have a looks category.  These women shouldn’t be ridiculed, but
rather looked at as role models. They really kick ass in their stories, and
here are my top five lady superheroes!

5.  Black Canary

                Know n in the DC Golden age
comics as Dinah Drake she originally didn’t have any superpowers, and only had
her martial arts moves to protect herself.
During the Silver age of DC she became known as Dinah Lance, and was
given the “Canary Cry”.   This is how most people know her today.  Canary is a world class martial arts master,
and has a detective skill that could rival almost anyone.

4.  Starfire

                The princess
from Tamaran, and bad ass power house on earth.
She is never afraid to be herself no matter how much scrutiny she gets
for it.  Starfire has super-strength, she
can fly, her body can absorb ultraviolet light and she can focus them into a
sort of laser out of her hands.

3.  Wonder Woman

immortal Princess warrior from Themyscira.
She has super-strength and the power and knowledge of the Gods.  Wonder Woman was an original member of the
Justice League, and takes her responsibilities seriously.

2. Supergirl

cousin of Superman.  She was on an adjacent
planet to Krypton when it exploded, so her family sent her off just like
superman.  She shares the same powers as
superman as well as a blood line.  I don’t
want it to sound like she only lives in her cousin’s shadow, because she doesn’t.  With any problem she is able to hold her own,
and she will never back down until she can solve it.


daughter of the commissioner of police and protégé of Batman.  This hero really knows her stuff.  She has the detective skills and hand to hand
combat skills from both Batman and her father.
She has stood toe to toe with some of Batman’s most gruesome enemies,
and has emerged victorious (most of the time).


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  1. #1 by joeblogscomics on June 26, 2013 - 1:33 am

    Good list man. I would have to add Glory to that mix. An interdimensional demon hybrid who truly looks like a warrior, covered in scars and muscle. Terrifying.

    • #2 by pwetzig on June 26, 2013 - 12:38 pm

      Yeah Glory is a good one. If I had done a top 7, she would have been on the list.

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