Nostalgia Review – Code Lyoko

Code Lyoko is a french cartoon about four students named Jeremy, Ulrich, Yumi, and Odd of Kadic Academy.  They discovered a

The show's main characters- from left to right...

The show’s main characters- from left to right: Aelita, Ulrich, Yumi, Odd (holding pet dog Kiwi), and Jeremie. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

supercomputer in an abandoned factory and within it lies a virtual world called “Lyoko.”  In this virtual world they meet the fifth member of the team Aelita. Together they have to thwart the evil deeds of XANA.

This show won me over ten years ago.  True, I was in my latter part of High School but I didn’t care then and still don’t.  I would try to rush home from school and turn on Miguzi, that bad Toonami want to be, so I could catch the beginning of it.  I recently found this classic on netflix, so I decided to see if it stood up to the test of time.

I’m happy to report it does, and I’m still amazed at what I see. A 2D cartoon with a CGI virtual world.  It can still stand toe to toe with, or still out do, anything today.  The stories are imaginative and flow well, the animation is eye catching, and I never find myself struggling to understand what’s going on.

Yes, the show does have it’s faults. Like it can be boring at times, and the stories can be repetitive. Also, that return to the past is a really easy fix for a lot of their problems. There is a new show called “Code Lyoko Evolution,” that I have started watching. It’s live action with the CGI virtual world.  It isn’t as good as the old show, and I don’t want to be one of those people who are like “it will never be as good,” but I have only watched a few episodes and it might need more time to expand the characters. Plus, it’s in french so it takes me a while to understand all the dialogue.

The new show aside, “Code Lyoko” will forever be in my favorite cartoons.

My Rating for Code Lyoko:

3.5 out of 5

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