The Batman for Man of Steel 2 will be…

Ben Affleck. Yep, that’s right, the Dogma hunk himself.  My first reaction to this was “really WB that is

English: Ben Affleck at the premiere for He's ...

English: Ben Affleck at the premiere for He’s Just Not That Into You. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

who you announce for Batman?” So, once the initial shock wore off, and I was able to calmly think about the situation I slowly realized that this isn’t a bad thing.  I may not agree (or disagree) with the casting but I’m sure Affleck will give us a good performance.

He has the acting chops to be able to portray Batman as older, and a more seasoned crime fighter. Also  Affleck is not stranger in playing the hero, as he brought Dare Devil to life many years ago. Even though that movie wasn’t well received, it wasn’t because of Affleck acting ability.

Affleck could be a good opposite to Cavill, and I’m now a little more interested in seeing the film.  Though I’m still against it being Man of Steel 2. With as fast as they’re trying to release this film it might be that these two great actors are needed to keep it from going under in the box office.  But then that could be WB’s plan, and we’ll never know. Plus, maybe Matt Damon will play robin!

Production is set to begin next year, and has a July 2015 release date.

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