New Youtube Idea coming soon! Hopefully…

I’m sure you know about about the famous abridged series’ they have up on youtube, and some that aren’t so famous (or


ANIME 50 (Photo credit: the intruzo..99)

good for that matter, sorry but I have to call’em how I see’em).  I have been trying to see an idea I’ve had for a while come to fruition.  I will also be parodying and abridging different anime but instead of just picking one series to work with I’m leaving that open.  I thoughts will be putting two shows together.  Not two anime, but rather mixing it with different themes from other shows.  I hope to have an example soon.  Since I won’t be able to make them for profit I’ll have to post them here.  I’m so excited for this I can’t even express this in words!!  And for those who’ll say “you’re just trying to copy TeamFourStar or LittleKuriboh to get famous,” all I can tell you is get bent.  LittleKuriboh and TeamFourStar are shining examples of what I would hope to achieve one day, but I could never hold a candle to what they can do.  They are awesome and deserve every bit of the success they have earned.   If I could give just a few people some enjoyment I would call it a success.  I am hoping to have something up by next week. Stay tune!


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