Top Gear Host @JeremyClarkson under fire! Spoilers, it’s not from Mexico!

Once again Jeremy Clarkson, 1/3 of the cast of Top Gear, has been scrutinized, and made to apologize for a picture posted on twitter.


If you can tell the sign reads “Gay Cu*t.” This man was brave enough to post this prank pic and the internet exploded with butt-hurtness.  Suddenly this is a why he should be fired, because he is so insensitive.  To be honest if he wasn’t so famous I don’t think this would have gotten the traction it did.  One of the things I love most about Top Gear is the dynamic between the three hosts.  They are genuinely friends, and as someone quickly approaching 30 with friends of the same age I can tell you this is how they treat one another.

It saddens me to think that we have come to point that we can’t let people be people.  We always have to watch what we say, and how we act, because there will be someone who will take it the wrong way and completely blow it our of proportion (like here, this article also prompted me to write this). They didn’t hurt anyone, they didn’t speak out against anyone, no contract terms were broken, and no one was a victim (besides Clarkson who was the receiver of the prank).  Some are now going against Clarkson saying this is homophobic, and giving the “words hurt” speech.  I’ve had this argument before, so here it is again!  Words hurt us because we apply meaning to them that are hurtful to us.  We all know a dimple is something we normally consider cute,  but if we started to say it meant the boil on the foot of a 300 pound toad wearing a brunhilde horned helmet, then we would probable start taking “dimple” as an offensive term.  This is not meant to offend anyone nor should it.  If you’re looking to Top Gear for political then my question to you is, why?  But Clarkson did quickly issue an apology.

Screen shot 2014-01-20 at 9.11.17 PM

More and more I read people throwing around words like “Homophobic” and “Insensitive,” and other of the sort.  It really starts to seem like people go out of there way to be offended by something.  Should he be fired? No, and “why would we expect him to be” is what I’m wondering.  True he is in the public eye, but at what point does that mean he has to act like, much like his naysayers apparently, a perfect sinless human being.  They are three best friends being best friends and we shouldn’t reprimand them for that.


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