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Recently the Nerdist released a post about the future of television on AMC. Mentioning a spin-off to the walking dead, comicbook men, and another Kevin Smith hopeful getting a green-light on a pilot. While the article did get a somewhat positive response there had to be the few that poo-poo on the party. I don’t want to shoot fanboy juices all over your face, so you may want to duck.

True, people can appreciate the art and not appreciate the artist.

From Nerdest comment section.

But, then there are those who can’t or choose not to appreciate it.

Screen shot 2014-03-27 at 1.19.32 AM


“It doesn’t give a honest view of what happens in 99.99% of all the comic book shops in America!”  What!? Are you serious? I never would have guessed that a TV Company would air something that might show an ideal situation for a business.  When you boil it down, what AMC is looking is numbers.  Obviously the ideas of Kevin Smith appeal to a wide audience, even if they might not like Smith himself.

I have many friends that will cite,including myself, Kevin Smith as a big inspiration.  Being a substantial man myself I don’t have many role models, of size, to look up to.  I can hear the question now, “role model, you say?” Yes, I do consider him one.

He started from the bottom and worked his way up.  I’ll admit that not everything he made is a winner, but he shows persistence and became one of the big names of indie film.  I still watch Clerks and Red State a few times a month, and enjoy them each time.

Smith also started SModco with his friend Scott Mosier.  The company hosts a number of Podcasts, a Youtube channel, Blog, and SMod Internet Radio.  One of the podcasts call Tell’em Steve-Dave is the basis for Comicbook Men.  The most popular Podcast on the network is Hollywood Babble-On, that Smith hosts with his friend, talented actor and radio host, Ralph Garman.  Hollywood Babble-On is the inspiration behind the pilot that AMC gave the green-light too.  The Podcast always sits at the top of the ranks world wide, and has earned many awards.

It’s easy to say something sucks, but it’s also easy to not even try to appreciate it.  I think the Composer John Cage said it best, “[t]he first question I ask myself when something doesn’t seem to be beautiful is why do I think it’s not beautiful. And very shortly you discover that there is no reason.”   There will always be those who will so easily say something is bad mostly because they can.

I’m ok with people having a different opinion than me, but using the weak argument of “it sucks because it does” isn’t going to get you anywhere.  Smith writes the movies, creates the Podcasts, and fights for the television he wants to see. He doesn’t do things to please the masses, and why should he?  His visions are often met with good acclaim, but anyone will come across naysayers when you’re in the public eye.  Kevin Smith found a way to make his passion into his life’s work, and that is truly inspiring.

Yes, Kevin Smith is a great role model to look up to.  He never quit, no matter what people said about him or his work.  “But how can he be a role model if he smokes pot?”  I can imagine some people asking, but should that matter?  I have never read how someone had to carry Smith out of a bar because he couldn’t walk out under his own will, nor have had read anything about how he has been hospitalized because of some sort of drug overdose.  Smoking pot doesn’t bother me, because there is always something worse.

He doesn’t do hard drugs, started at the bottom, made a name in Hollywood, and delivers movies that have a strong appeal.  So yes, Smith is and shall remain one of my top role models, him and Steven Fry.

Kevin Smith is successfully building a brand. I look forward to see how it will grow. I encourage you to check our all of Kevin Smith’s endeavors with the links provided, and while you’re at it checkout my Facebook, Twitter, and Youtube too!

And remember kids, it’s just TV!

Photo Citation: LA Weekly

Photo Citation: LA Weekly


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