underbellyThe great crew over at Underbelly (check out their Youtube channel), has released a great Pokemon parody!  The video combines Pokemon and 80s slasher films, and is too awesome to miss!  Give the video a looksy below, and be like me and secretly long to see a full movie!

Directed and Edited by Shawn Caple
Written by Newt Wallen and Justin Silverman

Jigglypuff – Justin Skyler Daniels
Nurse Joy – Loretta Ven Detta
Officer Jenny – Keryn Thompson
Professor Oak – Stuart Zagnit

Misty – Crystal Quin
Brock – Abayomi Crozier
Ash – Newt Wallen
Giovanni – Sean Meehan
Tracy – Robert Smith
Biker – Justin Silverman
Pikachu – Bryan Donoghue
Hilda – Penelope Pendragon


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