Possible Superman/Batman Team up?

Warner Brothers is expected to release a date for the Superman/Batman team-up to happen in 2015. It will be directed by Zach


Superman/Batman (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Snyder and have David Goyer as the screenwriter.  The movie will star Henry Cavill as Superman and establish yet another Batman.

While I’m excited at the hope of have a Superman/Batman team up, I also have some worries.  They might doing this a little too quickly, and they might not be able to make as good of a movie as they want to.  Plus it will be up against other heavy hitters that year like Avengers 2, Star Wars episode VII, Jurassic Park 4, and Ant Man.  So, hopefully they push back the date just a little.

I do want to see this movie, and it is important to establish a new Batman before Justice League comes out.  So, I guess we need to have faith that Snyder can make this happen!

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